We Also Provide Secure Document and Media Storage Services

As an affiliate of Apple Valley Document and Media Storage, we are able to bring you the highest level of document and media storage in all of southern California.

We offer the ONLY Firelock™ Data Storage Vault of it’s kind anywhere in southern California.  No other storage facility can offer you a higher level of document and media storage.

Now you can enjoy the easy and smart way to remain in compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA, The HITECH Act, FERPA and Federal Laws including Rule 26 in the “New Federal Rules for Civil Procedure”.

Our Firelock™ media storage vault is fireproof, earthquake proof, climate controlled and capable of protecting all forms of your digital back up data. It has the highest rated fire protection for a storage facility available anywhere in the world.

In addition to your paper documents, our media storage vault is the perfect solution for you to safely and securely store all your CD-ROMS, Tape Backups, Portable Hard Drives, works of art, musical instruments or anything that you want to protect from changes in temperature or humidity, dust particles, magnetic fields or UV light.


Contact us today and take the first step to ensure the security and safety of your documents, media, precious keepsakes and valuables.

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