Office Location
​21284 Corwin Rd.
Apple Valley, Ca. 92307
​@Apple Valley Atlas Headquarters
by Apple Valley Airport

Office Hours
8am to 4pm Monday -Friday

Drop Off Only Destruction
9am to 3pm
​(Performed Within 24 Hours)

Client Observed Destruction
​1pm to 3pm
​(By Appointment Only)


Residential Services

With just "one simple phone call"  we will arrive at your door and assist you with disposing of documents that need to be shredded to protect your identity.  Our service is fast and efficient.
Account numbers for credit cards, bank statements, utility services, tax records, insurance records, health care information can easily fall into the wrong hands if you do not properly dispose of the hard copies with a professional shredder.  

​Personal shredding does not guarantee it is completely gone.  We certify your shredding will never be compromised with a certificate of destruction.

 The weight of paper and digital devices can quickly get heavy, especially if you have been running a home office or saving documents for an extended period of time. 

We save you time, money and eliminate the physical demands of loading and unloading by scheduling an appointment at your residence. 

 It will be very rewarding to know that you have properly discarded your confidential information and relieved that it cannot be accessed in any manner whatsoever.  

If you wish, you do have the option of bringing your documents to our facility.  Our certified, friendly staff will gladly assist you. 

Either way, what is most important, is that you feel secure and confident that you have taken the right steps to protect your idenity!

You can give us a call at anytime to discuss which one of our services best meets your needs.    
 All businesses, professions and government agencies, regardless of size, are now federally and state mandated to properly dispose of confidential information.  Prevent lawsuits and heavy penalties by not violating these laws!  Stay compliant with these policies with our qualified services.  The cost is much lower than a violation!